Thursday, 26 July 2012

Birth : Harmony

Its a funny little tale of how i met Raeshell and Travis.
My family and i were doing a quick shop at our local supermarket when my ever so clucky husband approached an expecting couple and questioned how long they had left in their pregnancy. They were a short 5 weeks off meeting their little miss. He followed by asking if they had looked in to a maternity or birth photographer and quietly slipped them my business name.
By the time i had checked my facebook page, Rae and Travis had become followers of my Birthography page and sent through a message.
I couldn't help but laugh and joke a little about it all!
*Note: I do not pay my husband commission.. ;-)
After sending through the Birthing Experience information they were both on board and very excited.

A couple of weeks later we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon sun down on a local bit of land capturing Raeshell's gorgeous baby bump and not long after i finally got the call..
In the wee hours of the morning, with a little help from a delivering daddy, Little miss Harmony was ready to greet the world.

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