Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Birth : Jett Elijah

Each and every birth i attend is so very different. The strength is generally the same, strong, fast and focused.

 At Kristy and Joels birth recently, the strength and courage of these first time parents was more 
then i could have ever imagined. 
The hard decision to do what was right for her, and her baby. The decision they had to make alone.
I was overcome with emotion hearing the words spoken so confidently about her birth journey so far,
and the choice she chose to make.
I now whole heartily believe a successful birth can be perfect in so many ways. 

As soon as a healthy baby makes contact with his mumma, no matter how it is birthed, 
that is what makes every hard decision worth it. 

Welcome to the world sweet Jett Elijah ♥

Expecting : Kristy

38 weeks ♥

The lovely Kristy and i spent a little time together capturing her gorgeous glowing self and perfect round belly just a week before baby Jett made his entrance in to the open world. 
I adore the calmness a maternity session offers.. An hour of so, just chilling out, connecting with the little person inside and chatting about the excitement to come. Little did i know a week later the 2am phone call would come, baby Jett Elijah wanted out.