Saturday, 29 June 2013

Birth : Dylan John

I think i have officially lost count of the amount of times i have had Jen, Chris and their family in front of my lens.
Starting quiet a while ago with their maternity / family session when they were expecting their 2nd son Riley.
I was blessed to be able to capture their extremely powerful VBAC not long after, then followed by Riley's snuggly newborn session.
Jen and Chris are much more then clients, they are friends and i adore their growing family!

Before we knew it, This gorgeous family of 4 were expecting again! When i got the call, I was elated!
These 2 gorgeous boys were destined to be big brothers. And Jen was a born mother.
At Chris and Jen's gender reveal we kept our friends and followers in suspense as guessed if they were bound to be an all boy family! Or a little bundle of pink.

And #3 makes THREE boys!

I always like to catch up again with my mumma's to be.. a few weeks out from their Birth date, to spend some time appreciating how far they have come. How amazing their body is and trusting yourself from the moment labour begins.
When Jen and i get together, its just like friends hanging out, its great.

We found a few little hideaways and capture the beauty of her pregnancy. And being the 2nd maternity session of Jen and I, we made the most of it.

Leading up to the birth of Dylan, i actually had 2 mummas in waiting.. Both hoping for spontaneous labours, a 45 minutes drive apart. So i made sure i stayed close by my phone and had all friends and family on standby.

My first mumma birthed on Sunday morning, Jen on monday morning.. 

Jen had her self in such a calm focused mindset that throughout her labour she barley said a word, or made a noise. We all respectively stayed quiet and calm also. 

I am in awe of these women, who trust their bodies with so much force and passion. 
In the small moments where Jen thought she simply could not go any longer, i put my camera to the side, held her and reminded her how far she had come. 
I told her to breathe and trust me as a friend. 
She did, and less then a hand full of pushes later, baby Dylan met his parents. And i fell totally in love with this chubby faced little mop of black hair! 

So i bring to you, my 2nd birth session with jen and Chris and the journey of how this amazing, strong, calm, collected, focused, drug free birth came to life. 


Dear Baby Dylan..

Although your stay with us was unfairly short, you gave us so much to smile, laugh and love for. 

15 short weeks you graced us with, but my heart is so much fuller because of you.

Your mumma.. i could speak so highly of her for hours on end. 
Her passionate and unconditional love for you and your brothers and your daddy, she makes me ache to be a better mother and wife myself.

The photos of perfection she would share daily make me fall so in love with you even more. 

Those chubby cheeks, that breath taking smile, i can not even fathom the thought i will not see those grow in to those gorgeous and mischievous smiles your brothers have. 

The moment i heard your mummas voice my legs gave way from under me. 
My mind screaming disbelief yet my heart softly telling me it was very real. Real, but so unfair. 

You took my breath away the moment i saw you. I cried, i loved and i embraced you. 
I will forever be in debt to your mumma and daddy for allowing me that feeling. 
A moment that will never leave. 

I will gaze at your memories, i will draw strength from the love your mum has in her heart for you. 
From such heartache, she has shown us how to love with our whole soul. 

Thank you for giving us so much happiness is such a short time. 

Until we meet again sweet baby boy.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Expecting : Christina

There is just something about these two.
The way they looks at each other, the way their hands just fit so perfectly together.. 
The laugh the make when they joke.. It just all works so well.

Before the arrival of Christina and Michael's precious little daughter, we caught up on sundown and captured how amazingly gorgeous Christina looked bordering the end of her pregnancy. 

I am so lucky to have met this pair, They really did make my 
whole heart smile with their beautiful love for each other.