Tuesday, 21 February 2012

{ Birth : Hamish }

In the early hours of morning - February 12th i was blessed to have witnessed one amazing woman push her heart ache, agony and fear to the side as she birthed her second son in to the world. 
A mere 2 weeks earlier my special birthing mumma lost her own mum. 

A pain any expecting woman would do anything not to feel. Sole parenting a sweet little boy, losing your loved one, then labouring without her by your side is un imaginable. But that morning she conquered all. 
After 3+ weeks of intense labouring mumma is finally holding her baby blue, completeing her little family. 

I can not even put in to words the amazement i felt. The overwhelming feeling from one mum to another. Bree, you laboured gracefully. I have no doubt your mother was close to your side the whole time and couldn't be more proud of her daughter and grand babies. I cant wait to catch his baby scent again very soon ♥




For me, Its that first moment. The second they see for the very first time the miracle they created. 
You can feel a parents heart swell attempting to take in every single wrinkle, freckle, line, eye lash and feature. The moment they start to cry with relief that after such a long time they have more then just a feeling inside. They have a blessing in their arms. 
You cant help but to laugh and smile and cry with them. 
The pain is over ridden with joy, the fear is erased with an unconditional love.