Wednesday, 27 June 2012

{ Expecting : Emily }

When Emily greeted me at the front door , the first thing i noticed was this glowing expecting mumma with the sweetest little bump.
I think we spent half (maybe more!) of our session chatting.
Emily had previously asked me for some tasteful maternity images, I asked Emily about her birth plan, her support network, what she was looking at having captured.
We probably could have gas-bagged the whole session away!
With some re-arranging of the furniture we turned her cosey little lounge room with gorgeous floor boards, into a perfect studio.
It was cold, raining and miserable outdoors, so it was rather nice being inside and warm.

I can just see now, Emily's fast approaching birth will be so empowering and memorable. And i can not wait to meet her precious little boy.
(Who made sure we knew he was around with a swift kick now and then)

{ Born : Ariella }

We pushed and pushed for Kathleens OB to have me present at her schedualed Cesarean section, but with it being a public hospital we didn't have much luck. I was over the moon to finally meet Ariella at her new born session. This squishy 4.9kg goddess was just a dream. 
Her two adorable big brothers were just as sweet!


Thursday, 14 June 2012


 I met this gorgeous woman just over 2 years ago when we were both sitting out side the doors of an antenatal clinic awaiting one of our final hospital appointments both carrying big cuddly 10+lbs baby boys in our tummys.

Aimee and i hit it off so well we exchanged numbers and kept in touch in the lead up to our birth dates.

I got a late night call from Aimee curious as to whether her waters had broken! Un be known to her, she was on loud speaker and the phone was right next to my husbands ear... Whoops!

A gorgeous baby boy was born not long after followed by my own little man.

This is my precious friend Aimee.. Simply stunning 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

{ Born : Wyatt }

Between capturing baby Wyatt's gorgeousness i was lucky enough to get some sweet cuddles and cheeky giggles with his adoring big brother Oscar.
Wyatt's family is just another example of how my clients become friends. 

Brooke and i realized we live just a few streets away from each other and i am very lucky to have met her and her little tribe. xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

{Jada - Gene + Maddi}

Excited is an understatement when it came to counting down the seconds until this gorgeous family tonight finally revealed that after 8 long years, finally their family will become 4! 

Jada is 16 weeks pregnant and in a few weeks time we will be capturing Jada and Gene's gender reveal!


{A boys best friend}

The rain had us postpone our session a couple of times but we finally beat the weather and found a good few hours to have some fun with one gorgeous boy and his best mate.

I was so excited to hear Xanthea had framed and hung her prints from our fun session with her little man!

Isn't he just divine!?

Friday, 1 June 2012

{ Birth : Dakota }

Miss Dakota goes to prove size is no matter to those who were born to fight. With parents like Cassi and Ty, it is in her blood to go from strength to strength. Born in to the big world 5 weeks early, for this family simply means an extra 5 weeks with their gorgeous petite little princess. ♥ 

(And yes, that itty bitty ankle band just fits around dads finger ♥ )