Sunday, 28 August 2011

{ Birth : Daniel }

To sum this woman up in one word. Phenomenal. 

[adjective] exceedingly or unbelievably great.

From day dot beck held on to her faith and belief and aimed for a trouble free home birth after the traumatic birth of her first born Joe.  

Her health through her pregnancy was in top shape due to the organic and natural foods she provided for herself and her child. An inspiration to many of us mothers, educating myself and other on the benefits of certified organic. 

Beck's due date came and past. She had no care as she knew this boy would arrive when he was well a ready. Attending all her appointments, Baby Blue was in good health. 

So we awaited HIS arrival.

Days and weeks past.. And on Saturday the 26th of August at 8.42pm those waters keeping baby blue safe finally gave way. 

In less then an hour, In the darkness and comfort of her own home. Surrounded by her ever so supportive husband, Qualified midwife , two doula and myself in the background, Rebecca naturally birthed a gorgeous (Joe look alike) 11 Lbs baby boy.. yet to be named. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

{ Birth : Lincoln }


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

{ Chayse }

A sweet little bundle who loved being called a cheeky boy.
The moment he smiled at me i melted.
Wrapped around his little finger i was.

Josephine and Ethan were the picture perfect doting parents.

Thank you doesn't seem enough, for allowing me to capture these images of your sweet baby boy.

x N

Thursday, 11 August 2011


A woman of confidence and strength. An overwhelming faith and an unconditional love.

I felt so blessed when Beck welcomed me in to her journey. 40+ weeks pregnant and aiming for a home birth.

Today we caught up to run around the park and attempt to get this baby moving.

Bags are packed, Camera is charged and im sitting by the phone awaiting the special call.

x N

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


{ Storm - 38.5 Weeks }

A friend for life.
I was blessed enough to have been asked to be Stormy's bridesmaid a few years ago, and so honoured to have taken images of baby number 4 growing nicely in her little compact belly.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

{ Birth : Boston }

 July 15th 2011
10Lbs 4Oz

Redcliff Base Hospital, Queensland

♥ Welcome to the world Boston George .. x

Monday, 1 August 2011


So here we are, the very first fresh blog entry, more than likely posted many weeks before I publish it.

My name is Nicole, I am a wife and a mother to three children.

Recently I was privileged enough to experience labour and birth with a special woman, 12 intense and emotional hours, capturing moments she would not remember, images that she could not see and memories she will now have for life.  I captured the beginning of life (I repeat this because I am still to this day amazed that I could share that moment with someone). As a support person and as a friend, this was a completely different experience than that of the birth of my own 3 children, something that until you experience it yourself, you would struggle to imagine.

When my youngest son Phoenix entered this big world he was whisked away from me and rushed to the NICU where he lived for a further 11 days.  I wish to this day that someone had of followed his journey on that night, caught his first hour on film so that I did not miss out on those first precious hours.  I would have paid any amount of money, just to have seen his face, because as anyone who has had a child could attest, they change, each hour, day, week, month they are moulding into a little person, changing so quickly.

After the birth of baby Boston , Katrina's second son my usual adrenalin turned into admiration and love. I was bursting with pride at how confident this woman was with bringing her baby into the world, and love for this child who was helpless without his mum. As I stood there and captured the expression on her face, the instant bond between them as he clearly connected with the voice he had heard so often from the womb, i knew those twelve long hours were worth the wait, just to witness this moment.

Returning home to view the pictures I had taken those first moments of Bostons life was a revelation, I had captured memories that so few people have had the opportunity to capture, let alone present to a parent.  What an honour.  I had captured moments that can’t be rein acted or posed for… forever memories!

As a mother, Not only do I understand only too well the need for privacy, discretion and trust, not just for yourself, but for your birthing partner and support team, But also the importance of photographic memories. I personally have had the birth of my 3 children photographed, with a shaking hand, out of focus, unflattering but memorable. 
To this day, i still smile, when flicking through those albums. 

I offer parents a confidential and private photography service without imposing on the intimate setting of your birthing suite, so in essence, you will hardly know I’m in the room.  
Maternity, Delivery and Newborn photography should be as non-invasive as possible, I achieve this by using minimal accessories and taking advantage of natural light.  

Whether you’ve decided to have a home birth, your booked into a birthing suite or you have an alternative birthing plan, we can be involved in your birth plan to ensure we understand your wishes and limitations.

With that, I welcome you to Birthography. 

Maternity, Delivery and New born natural light images.