Monday, 9 July 2012

{ Birth : Braxton }

I was so excited when Emily invited me to share in experiencing the birth of her first child.
Emily has brought me much joy since our first catch up at her maternity session only a few weeks ago. She brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me test my boundaries. And for that i can not thank her enough.

When i got the midnight text letting me know her little boy wanted to meet his mumma, i quickly got out of my pyjamas and in to some warm clothes and snuggled back in to bed before i waited to her from her again.
I tossed and turned, checked facebook and emails until i finally snuck out of bed and made a coffee around 1am.
Not long after that the call was in to head down to the hospital.
The room was bursting with love and anticipation as i joined a very excited little family coaching baby Braxton in to the world.


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